South Africa
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South Africa is one of the most geographically varied countries of Africa. It's located on the southern tip of Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast and the Indian Ocean on the south and east coats. It covers 472,000 sq. miles. It has an expansive central plateau and mountain ranges that surround it. There is also a narrow strip of low-lying land along the coast. It completely surrounds Lesotho and parts of Swaziland. The main rivers are the Orange and the Vaal rivers. South Africa is slightly less than twice the size of Texas.

South Africa has a population of about 40 million. 75% are African, 15% are white and 10% are mixed.

About 36% of South Africa is still Christian. It has a national hloiday, Freedom Day, on April 27th, and they celebrate when they gained their freedom in 1994.

Natural Resources:
Some of South Africa's natural resources are gold, chromium, antimony, coal, iron ore, manganese, nickel, phosphates, copper, vanadium, salt, and natural gas.


South Africa produces corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables, beef, poultry, mutton, wool, and dairy products. Only 12.08% of it's land is arable, or fit to grow crops.

In South Africa, it is mostly semi-and subtropical along the coast with sunny days and cool nights.

Natural Hazards:
South Africa is known for it's dangerous and prolonged droughts.

Current Issues:
There is a lack of water (rivers), air pollution (acid rain), soil erosion, and pollution of rivers.

After South Africa won it's freedom in 1994, it became a republic. The president is Kgalema Motlanthe who was sworn into office in 2008.

Positive Effects:

  • Introduced new technologies
  • Improved transportation; railroads
  • Introduced better education systems
  • Introduced new crops
  • Introduced modern communication; telegraphs and telephones
  • Improved nutrition which led to an expansion of population

Negative Effects:

  • Forced labor
  • Segregation; racism
  • Economic exploitations
  • Lost a sense of their original religions
  • Deaths from foreign diseases

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